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Перевод сказки

Первый опыт Ивана в переводе моих сказок на английский.
Спасибо Еле Кирилловой за помощь.
Ниже копия текста из фейсбука и ссылки на публикацию
(с) Фото Ивана Хворостина
My first attempt to translate my father's story.
He is fairy tail writer😊 He have published eight books at the moment, but all in russian. I will post sometimes short stories from his books and all feed back about translation quality is appreciated.
Here we go...
That night he dreamed of Death. Or could it be not a dream, but a short awakening. Death opened the entrance door with her own key. She tapped the cat and carefully, just to be sure none is awake, went to his room. He was waiting. They embraced and stood in silence for a while. Then they sat down. They looked at each other, as if they had not seen each over for a long time. Actually they have never met so close before. He certainly did not remember that happens.
"You should get your affairs in order," Death smiled.
"Is it soon ...?" He was surprisingly calm and asked rather out of habit.
“It is not about “soon”! Time is a conditional term. Putting matters in order is always helpful. It is certainly a good time to take care of your health for example” Death carefully removed a lock of hair from his face.
“Good! Since there are a few things
to put in order anyway.” He said.
"It looks like that until you started," Death laughed, “but I have to go. It was good to see you.”
They hugged each other and stood like that for a moment... Death left the room.
He noticed that the cat was still purring, when she left. It became quiet and he wanted to sleep so hard, as if had never slept before.
Next morning, he woke up early. He remembered the dream to the last detail. He caught a cat, asked it about the night guest. The cat rubbed over his hand, purred and hid its eyes with no answer.
For the first time in his life, he regretted that he quit smoking. It seemed so right to smoke at the moment. Probably the pipe would do the best. He imagined cleaning and stuffing it slowly, lighting it up and then sending a ring of smoke to the ceiling. He would lie down without any thought , playing with the rings of smoke.
He got dressed. He went out. It was a spring morning. There were small remains of a night frost over the puddles. He wanted to see the sun, to feel its dazzling light over his face. And He did it! He stood, looked at the sun and laughed.
Original text Аука Ага.
Special thanks to Corrector: Elia Kirilova
Photo: Me😊

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